Pedro Berardinelli

Upcoming Projects:

new duo work (2022)

for Bass Clarinet and Baritone Saxophone

commissioned by Ricard Capellino

new chamber work (2023)

for Soprano, Flute, Accordion and Percussion

commissioned by Between Feathers Ensemble

new ensemble work (2023)

for Ensemble

co-commissioned by Platypus Ensemble and Ensemble ars ad hoc / Arte no Tempo

Coming up:

17.12.2021 — Graz (Austria) — MUWA / Open Music
Urbe — em si fechada (premiere) for Quartet
Klangforum Wien

16.12.2021 — Vienna (Austria) — St. Ruprecht
contra (2021) for Accordion
Mirko Jevtovic (Accordion) / Duo Ar

14.12.2021 — Graz (Austria) — Theater am Lend
contra (2021) for Accordion
Mirko Jevtovic (Accordion) / Schallfeld Ensemble

05.12.2021 — Porto (Portugal) — Ermo do Caos
para por (2018) for Bass Flute
Clara Saleiro (Bass Flute)